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Processing personal data of partners (natural persons)

Processing personal data of partners (natural persons)

When concluding and executing a contract (-s) and/or a transaction (-s) with you, AB Baltic Mill (hereinafter – the Company or we) shall process some of your personal data. This repot (hereinafter – the Report) contains information on how we process your personal data, what we use them for, how long we store them etc. This information is important, thus we expect you to read it carefully.

Your personal data shall be processed pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter – GDPR), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.


UAB Baltic Mill, legal entity code 302639722, registered office address: Stoties g. 65, Vievis, Lithuania, tel.: +370 686 88 696, e-mail:



We collect and process the following personal data:


  • Identification data, such as the name, surname, personal identification number, date of birth, address of the place of residence, VAT code (if you are a VAT payer), telephone number, e-mail address, a copy of an activity license or certificate and / or its data, a farmer’s certificate number, a copy of an identity document and / or its details, bank account details;
  • Contract, transaction conclusion and execution data, such as the object of the contract (for example, data of property, goods and/or services) and other contract conditions, invoice data, payment information, information on the performance of contractual obligations, violations of the contract, etc.;
  • Creditworthiness (solvency) data, such as the credit rating determined by credit bureaus (for example, UAB Creditinfo Lietuva) and other information presented in reports of credit bureaus – financial liabilities, outstanding debts, payment history and business links;
  • Data on third persons related to you, such as legal representatives (for example those acting under a power of attorney), your debtors, a spouse and family members (for example, if the object of the contract is property, which is jointly owned by spouses).


NOTA BENE: we do not collect special categories of personal data that reveal your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or membership in trade unions, health data or data on your sexual life or sexual orientation.


What are the purposes and legal bases for collecting and using your personal data?


We collect and process your data to be able to conclude and execute a contract (-s) and/or a transaction (-s) with you, and to implement other related rights, legitimate interests and duties, including:


  • to identify and contact you;
  • to assess your commercial offer and the expediency of concluding a contract or a transaction with you;
  • to conclude and sign a contract, to amend or terminate it;
  • to assess your creditworthiness (solvency), financial risks and to manage debts;
  • to control the execution of your other contractual obligations;
  • to execute our contractual obligations;
  • to take legal remedies, where such a necessity arises;
  • to implement applicable legal requirements, for example, to handle accounting, to declare and pay taxes and to archive documents for the period of time set in legal acts.


The processing of your personal data is based on the following legal grounds:

  • the processing of data is necessary in order to implement the contract, a party whereof you are, or in order to take action at your request before concluding a contract (clause b of Article 6(1) of the GDPR);
  • the processing of data is necessary in order to fulfil the legal obligation imposed on the Company (clause c of Article 6(1) of the GDPR);
  • the processing of data is necessary in pursuit of legitimate interests of the Company or a third party (clause f of Article 6(1) of the GDPR).


Where do we get your personal data from?


We collect and process your personal data, which you present to us, usually at the time of conclusion of a contract or a transaction, or before its conclusion.

We may also get your personal data from other sources when it is necessary for the conclusion and / or execution of a contract or for our legitimate interest:

  • SE Centre of Registers;
  • The Population Register;
  • Credit bureaus (for example, UAB Creditinfo Lietuva);
  • Joint debtors’ data file processors;
  • Insurance companies, when we are a beneficiary;
  • The central mortgage institution;
  • Our or your suppliers or partners, who help us conclude and/or execute transactions and maintain relations with you.


Who do we provide your personal data to?


We provide your personal data to the following data recipients (their categories) in compliance with legislative requirements:


  • the parent company AB Baltic Mill, code 302639722, registration adddress: Stoties g. 65, Vievis, Republic of Lithuania, and its subsidiaries;
  • tax administrators;
  • our professional advisers and auditors;
  • banks, transport organizations or other legal and / or natural persons, if our concluded mutual transactions require bank financing, cargo transportation and / or other type of service;
  • notaries, if the contract concluded with you requires a notarial form;
  • SE Centre of Registers, if the contract, legal facts or other information related thereto are to be registered in public registers;
  • bailiffs, entities providing legal and / or debt recovery services, entities taking over the right to debt; processors of joint debtors' data files;
  • law enforcement authorities, at their request or on our initiative, if there are suspicions of a committed criminal offense, also to courts and other dispute resolution institutions;
  • other third persons to the extent this is related to the sale of our business, mergers, acquisitions or the reorganization of the entire or a part of business, or in the implementation of similar changes;
  • companies providing data center, hosting, cloud computing, website administration and related services, companies providing advertising, marketing, accounting, archiving, physical and/or electronic security, property management and/or other business services, companies creating, providing, supporting and developing software, companies providing information technology infrastructure services, communications services, advisory companies, also companies carrying out analysis of web browsing or online activities and providing online services.


Where do we process your personal data?












Normally, we process and store your personal data in the territory of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EU/ EEA), however, we may also transfer your personal data outside the EU/ EEA, when this is necessary in order to implement the purposes wherefor those data were collected and managed.


We may transfer personal data outside the EU/ EEA without your consent, if at least one of the following measures has been implemented:


  • The European Commission has acknowledged that the state ensures an adequate level of protection of personal data;
  • The recipient of data in the United States has been certified according to the requirements of the EU-US agreement called the Privacy Shield;
  • There is an agreement concluded in accordance with the standard conditions approved by the European Commission,
  • Codes of conduct are complied with, or other safeguards under the General Data Protection Regulation apply.


We may also transfer your personal data without your consent, if such a transfer is necessary in the performance of the contract, a party whereof you are, or in order to take actions at your request before concluding a contract, or in other cases provided for in the GDPR.

How long will your data be stored?


We shall store your personal data no longer than this is necessary for the purposes wherefor they were collected, or for the period of time established by laws.

What are your rights?








You shall have the following rights:


How can you implement your rights?


You may submit an application for the implementation of the above rights, also complaints, notices or requests (hereinafter – Request) by e-mail: